Friday, February 7, 2020

Advances in Wireless Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Advances in Wireless Networks - Essay Example This network will be a controller-based wireless LAN technology that will be used to modernize the daily tasks University of Iland (UoI). This report outlines the specification and design of the new network. Introduction In this report I am going to specify a new controller-based wireless LAN design for University of Iland. The management of University of Iland wants to revolutionize the new technology based processes and network of university. This new technology based infrastructure will offer an excellent support for the potential working and improve performance of university learning, data sharing and educational performance. This specification report will present a comprehensive analysis and specification of new wireless network technology, its requirements, design, systems, equipment and computations required for the establishment of LAN network at University of Iland. Aims and Objectives The key aim and objective of this new wireless technology based structure is to develop an d implement a new technology based framework at University of Iland that will support the School’s Information Technology strategy for the next seven to ten years. This report is aimed at offering a detailed analysis of specification and procurement activities for the implementation of new wireless LAN based Information technology structure.... Structure of the School The school has seen rapid growth in the past five years, particularly after acquiring local consultancy contracts and attracting national research projects. There are many subject groups within the school such as Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Systems Analysis, Design and Informatics, Software engineering and E-Business. P.E. Ryno is the Dean of the School; there are many group leaders subordinate to him. In this scenario, the newly established school of computing has following structure of the subject groups within the school: No- Subject Groups Members of staff 1 Networks group 5 members 2 Artificial Intelligence group 4 members 3 Software engineering group 5 members 4 E-Business group 5 members 5 Admin group 5 members 6 Technicians group 5 members 7 Group Leader Informatics 6 members 8 Group Leader for the technicians 6 members In the context of future growth of present educational structure we are expecting more staff members connecting to network and communication arrangement. It is anticipated that approximately 10-12 members of staff will join this school in the next 5 years Technology Needs Specification There are many system related needs and requirements. This part of report will outline main technologies that will be implemented at University of Iland through the establishment of new information and networking technology structure. For sake of this new technology specification, I will outline some of the main needs of the school network technology. Personal Computers The personal computer will be available to all members of the school staff. These systems will include some of the modern laptops.

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